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Like many public utilities, UI faces the challenging prospect of getting people to appreciate a service they take for granted. Flick a switch and a light goes on. The company is only acknowledged when it doesn't. For years, we've helped UI communicate its value beyond electricity delivery – what it does behind the lines – in order to help weather crises and smooth the way for rate changes, infrastructure improvements and entry into new territories. To enhance UI's reputation among residents, businesses and municipalities, we've positioned the company as the community's connection to a world of energy ideas that power their lives, provide money-saving opportunities and keep our region competitive.

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4 Liberty Sq, 5th FIoor Boston MA
(617) 918-7653

new york

125 East 12th Street, Suite 1H New York, NY
(646) 926-0457


76 Eastern Blvd. Glastonbury CT
(860) 652-0300